martes, 29 de mayo de 2012


HOLA! tanto tiempo... lo habia dejado medio abandonado, pero aca estoy de vuelta!
Si me pongo a contar todo lo que paso detalladamente desde la ultima vez que escribi algo se van a aburrir asi que  acá va un resumen:

HELLO! it's been a long time since i write anything here, but here i am!
If i start telling everything i've been through you'll get bored so here its all sum up:

Freezestyle Contest - Punta Arenas (October)

MiniMega , Santiago. I Flip Tuck it :) --> I'm riding for MegaRamp!!

Rosario Classic Contest

Ghetto Jam

Tengo un sobrinito mega hermoso!!!! el goruro Nachito! <3

New Brakeless bike! 

 Simple Session 12!  -  Estonia

 FISE - Montpellier ...

Punta Arenas :)

Back home!

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


Sorry its been a while since I update the blog... 
After like 3 months traveling around the States I came back home to Buenos Aires. Although I miss riding so much, its always good to see my family, friends and specially my two not so little dogs :).


miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011


If you haven't seen it yet!
My bikecheck in EMagBMX

All the photos were taken by Andres Harambour --->check his website
or see all pictures of my bike here

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011


PUNTA ARENAS is a small city in Magallanes, at south of Chile (South America, if you're still lost haha)
... Really at the south!  :)

The weather its pretty cold all year although in summer is not that bad :)

Anyway,  I'm still impress of how many riders there are! There are more than 10 girls riders and you all know that's a LOT, so imagine how many boys bmxers are!

I remember when I went in January of 2010, there were tons of riders but not really much where to ride at. This was the jumpbox they had, besides a couple other ghetto ramps.

They use to ride a lot of street as well, including one of the most important plaza in the city. As usual, people (not riders) didn't like that and they keep saying that those young kids where not doing anything but destroying a national building. We all know that nobody rides street to DESTOY something... If it happens its just cause its not build properly hahah. Anyway, they got all together and went to talk to the government that if people wanted them out there, they needed somewhere else to go and ride, meaning, they needed a bikepark... long story short, GEOPARK, an oil and gas company...yup, nothing to do with BMX, but they wanted to help the community, and that's what they did. They built some ramps and for the inauguration they did a BMX contest with riders from all over South America.  
That's when the sport started to get bigger there, the people would know about the activity the kids where doing and they would support it, as well as the government building more parks. 
After that, GEOPARK did two more contest, another one in Punta Arenas, and a third one in Puerto Natales (another city in Magallanes). Not only riders from South America participated but also Dennis Enarson , Nina Buitrago and Colin Mccay were part of it!!!

The union and hard work from all the Punta Arenas' riders has made all this possible, I really admire they're participation. This is what we need everywhere to keep make BMX alive!

Anyway, BMX keeps getting bigger as well as the contest. This next one is in October 29-30 in the new concrete park Punta Arenas has! Be part of it!!

Here are some pictures of this beautiful city!!

See? its not THAT cold always!! (that's my mom!)

I promise those are the best raspberries in the world!!!

The famous tree! Its been there forever

Oh yeah.. if you wanna come back you must kiss the Patagon's foot!

I love this...

I love this even more!! haha

Punta Arenas in a nice day!

Another nice day!

It has one of the biggest spines in the world! haha

Oh, it has a big Motocross scene too!! (I'm the one in the Suzuki 360)


That's the new concrete park!!!


The History of BMX in Punta Arenas:

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Woodward Camp and Greenville

Here's an update of what I've been up to lately..

From Autin I went to NY, meet Angie and drove to Camp Woodward :)  It was so good to be back there, always riding a lot and seeing old and new friend :)

Turndown in Cloud 9's spine :) 


 YEAAAAH!!!!! Angie upside down!

Angie and me

My babe

Then I came back to Greenville .. Riding a lot, learning how to cook something else besides pasta haha and feeding squirrels, thats pretty much what I do all day :)

 Wallride in The Unit

The Squirrel!!!!

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011


COMING SOON!  Get ready for the Pategonian Freezestyle Contest in Chile this October 29th - 30th ! 
It's gonna be in a huge new concrete park and there'll be riders from all South America!

You are all invited! :)
There will be a GIRLS class!!!
...Sorry I haven't update anything of my trip lately.. I need to get an external hard drive to upload new photos... my computer is full :(   
By the way, I'm back in Greenville!

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011


New video from YEAH ZINE of our trip to California!
although the car broke and we got stuck in woodward we didn't really ride anywhere else. Still we had a great time and could film not only for this video but also for the CHICK FLICK VIDEO thats coming soon! :)
.. I guess it was the best place to be stuck at haha

enjoy it!

Yeah Zine : The Let Down from Angie Marino on Vimeo.